Minigun Supergun Advanced Edition

$220.00 AUD inc. GST

The Minigun Supergun – ADVANCED edition by frank FJS including 4 player adaptor.


  • 2 layer PCB – 110mm x 50mm | minimum 8mil trace width & clearance | 40 vias.
  • Arcade PSU connection via Molex 6 pin Mini-Fit-Jr connector.
  • COIN & SERVICE tactile switches.
  • 2 x Neo-Geo style DB15 connectors for player 1 & 2 inputs. Follows Undamned pinout.
  • Buttons 12345 on Jamma edge – Buttons 456 via kick harness connector. Buttons 4 & 5 may be toggled from the Jamma edge via a dipswitch.
  • 8 Pin MINI DIN video and audio connector. Follows XRGB MINI / RGB MODDED NES / HAS pinout.
  • 3.5mm audio output connector which disables audio output from the MINI DIN when utilised.
  • Speaker to line level audio conversion – DC blocked – No Jamma audio pin is ever grounded.
  • MONO or STEREO audio output. Selectable via a jumper.
  • THS7374 based video circuit for RGB and SYNC signals. Buffered, attenuated and 75 Ohm impedance matched. Adjustable trimmer pots used to attenuate RGB levels. LPF may be enabled / disabled via a switch. Fixed resistor voltage divider used to attenuate SYNC.
  • Power LED.
  • Voltmeter to monitor +5V.
  • OSSC safe.


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