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Splatterhouse Namco System 1 “EEPROM Error 0200”

This is a quick repair blog to document the fix for the “EEPROM Error 0200” issue our good friend Marc Bell of was having with his Splatterhouse PCB.

DIP switch 1 is the test DIP switch. I turned it on and powered up the PCB to be greeted with this:

Game output with the test mode enabled.

Doing some research online I found quite a few repair blogs that mentioned this can be caused by this EEPROM at location U1 on the smaller of the two PCBs. This EEPROM is used to store soft DIP data:

To fix it, you need to:

  • Remove the chip and erase it with an EEPROM burner (or overwrite it with a blank file – you can dump it and delete the contents of the dumped file to make a blank file that you can write back to the EEPROM).
  • Put the EEPROM back in the socket.
  • Turn on the test DIP (DIP 1).
  • Power on the game.
  • The game will prompt to press the fire button to re-initialise the game settings. Press fire.
  • Once the EEPROM is re-initialised you will see the soft DIP settings on screen. For me these were upside down and I had to change the “screen flip” setting. You can also set up attract mode audio, coin settings and difficulty.
  • When you are happy with the settings, to save them you need to turn off the test DIP switch with the power still on. If you do not do this then the settings will not be saved and next time you power on the game you need to start the process again.
  • Once you switch the test DIP off you should be greeted with the game’s attract mode and you are ready to play!

I hope this helps someone faced with the same issue!

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Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo/X 25th Anniversary

Here at SneekNET, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (ST) is a game we hold dear to our hearts. It’s one of those games that stirs up fond nostalgic memories of our childhood. It’s one of those games that has stood the test of time, where many have aged poorly and fallen by the wayside. We thought it would be a great opportunity to give an overview of the life of ST, from where we have come to modern day and to showcase a high score achievement which has stood for the last 20 years.

SneekNET would like to wish ST a Happy 25th Anniversary!

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PVM-20M4A Power Supply Fault

This is another blog entry to detail what I did to fix a PVM-20M4. One night after playing some games I was in the process of turning everything off when something inside the monitor exploded and left the monitor lifeless. Since the monitor wouldn’t power on, the power board seemed like a logical place to look first and here is what I found:

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UD InfiniKey-CPS2 Availability Update

We have had a few emails inquiring if we are going to have more stock in the future, so thought a post on the subject was required.

Yes… unfortunately, we are completely out of stock. However, Good news everyone!!! Undamned has informed us that stock is currently in production. There has been a delay due to Chinese New Year but we are expecting more stock to arrive in 2-4 weeks time.

To stay informed, please check back or alternatively follow us on twitter.