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Arcade Video Capture

A few people have asked me about the setup we used to collect the video footage from the arcade PCB for the SSF2:X Tournament held at 1989 on the 18th of April.

Here is a quick diagram showing the components we used:

Block Diagram of the Video Capture Setup

To feed the OSSC with RGB from the JAMMA board we used one of these devices:

Mas Systems RGB-to-NTSC Converter

The MAS RGB-to-NTSC Converter sits in between the JAMMA game board and the JAMMA harness of the arcade cabinet and provides a buffered RGB signal to be used for feeding another display.

These devices are no longer in production unfortunately. We would love to hear from you if anyone knows of a similar device that provides the same functionality.

The OSSC settings we used were:

  • 4:3 2x line mode for 480p output
  • 50% scanline thickness

This was mainly because the projector in the event venue wouldn’t play nice with any higher resolutions.

The video capture device I use is a StarTech USB3HDCAP connected to my laptop and the production was captured with OBS.

Sample Video Capture