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CPS2 MvC InfiniKey Install

Here is a board from my mate Ben from my local: 1989 Bar and Arcade. Check them out if you’re even in Sydney!

As you can see, this old girl has seen some use! Ben has asked if we can take a look at it, repair as required and install an InfiniKey

Wonder what’s going on here:

Ben tells me that the tape was put on there by someone because they were getting jail bars from the boards not staying seated properly. Turns out the shell was just put back on after the board was seated then taped up.

Upon inspection, there’s a few interesting things to point out on this board:

  • The EPROMs on this board are strange, this is MvC Asia so I would expect to see ROMs labelled ‘mvc’ and ‘mvca’ but these are just labelled with numbers. A couple of labels are missing too.
  • The jumpers have some leftover flux on them which usually means it has been Capcom converted at some point in its life time.
  • Definitely an original battery from factory. Tested it – still has charge.
  • The little plastic stand-offs have also been melted to the board. Very unusual and not something I have seen before. I had to drill those stand-offs out.
  • Definitely something going on here, I figured I would just put the InfiniKey key on there, key for MVC Asia and hope for the best before trying to use romident or anything.

Battery out, November 1996! – still alive after 23 years:

InfiniKey installed:

And – it works!

So it’s a legit MvC Asia board. But wait a second:

Looks like there’s a different label under there, its a bit dog eared and I can see this:

I’ve seen that picture before:

Both labels seem legit so this is definitively Capcom factory conversion. Cool!

I did mention this old girl has seen some action right?

I gave it a bit of a bath (literally) and put it all back together. The fan in the A board also wasn’t working. I refurbish all my CPS2 A boards with quiet Pabst fans for supergun use so I had a few spares. Swapped in one of my old original ones and this board is now ready to go back to the arcade for the public to enjoy, now without fear of the board ever suiciding.